Regular maintenance is a large part of owning a log cabin. These beautiful homes fit right in with nature but the weather can take its toll if they are not preserved. In general a log cabin will need to be cleaned and stained every few years to stay protected and looking good. Logs exposed to the elements can be harmed from moisture and sun exposure. The logs also become aged and start losing their own natural oils and may begin cracking and splitting.

On a log cabin where color retention, water repellency and wood conditioning are a concern, Armstrong Clark siding wood stain is the best Armstrong stain for log cabins. This oil based formula is specially designed to replace lost natural oils to rejuvenate the wood.

Armstrong stain has nondrying oils that move away from the drying side of the formula. The nondrying oils penetrate the wood to replenish the wood’s natural oils while the drying oil stays on the surface of the wood to lock in the conditioning oils. These special oils are made up of vegetable oils, transparent oxide pigments, water repellents, solvents and mildewcides that naturally resist fungal growth.

This special formula is perfect for log cabins that are exposed to the elements for many years and become aged. Rejuvenating the logs by replacing the lost oils and then locking them in with the drying side of the oils is a great way to increase the longevity of a log cabin and enhance its natural beauty. Once protected with Armstrong stain water will naturally repel, pigments will reflect harsh UV rays, mildewcides fight off mold and mildew, and wood cracking and splitting will be greatly reduced. Armstrong Stain has over a dozen colors to choose from to best express the beauty of your log cabin.

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