Cedar has always been a popular choice for exterior wood siding on homes. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, wood rot and insect infestation making it a great choice. Some cedar siding is painted. In this case the surface will have to be cleaned and repainted every so often. For homes that have more of a rustic, natural look with non-painted cedar siding maintenance consists of cleaning and recoating with wood stain. Although cedar is naturally resistance to moisture and rot it needs some extra protection to shield against years of prolonged exposure to the elements.

Armstrong stain is one of the best stains for cedar homes. Cedar is fairly porous and will benefit from a specially formulated stain like Armstrong deck and wood siding stain. Armstrong Clark stain’s formula is a blend of drying and nondrying oils that results in two layers of protection. This cedar home stain’s nondrying oils penetrate deep into the wood fibers to replace the wood’s lost natural oils rejuvenating and adding flexibility to the wood. The dying side of the formula remains on the surface to produce a dry to the touch barrier that locks in the conditioning oils, repels water, reflects harsh UV rays and fights off mold and mildew infiltration.

The best Armstrong stain for cedar homes is perfect for exterior cedar siding that begins to lose its natural oils due to prolonged weather exposure. This helps reduce wood warping, cracking and splitting. Not only will Armstrong stain for cedar homes shield against the elements and natural oil loss, it also heightens the wood’s natural beauty. The transparent and semi transparent finish of Armstrong stain, available in a dozen different tones, will help enhance the beauty of the wood providing a long lasting beautiful finish that will be admired for years to come.

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