Best Stain for an Ipe or Mahogany Deck with Armstrong Clark Hardwood Finish.

Not many exotic hardwoods offer the color or stunning grain pattern of mahogany. A mahogany deck makes a simple outdoor living space an object of interest and beauty. Even though mahogany is naturally resistant to rot, it still requires a water repellent finish to ward off the harmful effects of Mother Nature.

A mahogany deck does seem to hold stain more evenly than other exotics. However, the key is to use the best stain for a mahogany deck, otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the wood’s appearance. Stay away from stains that form a film on the surface. These film-forming stains fail to protect dense hardwood. They are prone to wearing and peeling.

Best Stain Armstrong Clark Stain for a Tigerwood Deck

Tigerwood originates from several different types of exotic Brazilian hardwoods. It offers one of the most unique grain patterns you will ever see. It gets its name from its orange hue and dark vein stripping which give it a tiger-like appearance. Tigerwood is very popular for interior and exterior applications. It is a beautiful species of wood for an exterior deck. Although Tigerwood is naturally oily and water resistant, it still needs to have a protective finish to slow weathering.

How to Stain Massaranduba Wood with Armstrong Clark Hardwood Stain

Massaranduba wood is a Brazilian exotic hardwood also referred to as Bulletwood for its incredibly strong dense nature. It is a fairly straight-grained redwood with a medium to dark reddish brown appearance that tends to darken with age. Massaranduba wood has many uses in heavy construction, flooring, boat building, and decking.

Even though massaranduba wood is fairly resistant to rot and insect attacks, it lasts longer in exterior uses when it is finished. The best way to protect and enhance a massaranduba wood surface is to stain it with a penetrating stain.

Armstrong Clark Exterior Wood and Deck Restoration Photos

Armstrong Clark Stain Photos

We would love for our customers to post some pictures that are finished with the Armstrong Clark Exterior Wood Stains. Please include a short description and the Armstrong Clark product(s) used to prep the wood and to stain the wood using our comment feature at the bottom. There is a link to upload photos in the bottom right corner of the comment area.

We look forward to seeing your newly restored stained deck or exterior wood!

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