Regular maintenance is a large part of owning a log cabin. These beautiful homes fit right in with nature but the weather can take its toll if they are not preserved. In general, a log cabin will need to be cleaned and stained every few years to stay protected and looking good. Logs exposed to the elements can be harmed from moisture and sun exposure. The logs also become aged and start losing their own natural oils and may begin cracking and splitting.

On a log cabin where color retention, water repellency, and wood conditioning are a concern, Armstrong Clark siding wood stain is the best Armstrong stain for log cabins. This oil-based formula is specially designed to replace lost natural oils to rejuvenate the wood.

Wood fences have long been used for purposes such as curb appeal, property line marking and privacy. Fences can be made of many types of wood from pressure treated pine and cedar to western redwood. Regardless of wood type, a wood fence should be periodically stained to protect it from the elements. Regular maintenance is necessary to prolong a fence’s life.

Armstrong Clark stain is ideal for most types of wood fences. If dealing with pressure treated pine, pine, cedar, redwood or rough sawn wood then Armstrong is the best stain for fences. Armstrong deck and siding wood stain is designed with an amazing formula consisting of nondrying rejuvenating oils that isolate from the drying oils that stay on top of the wood surface. The drying side of the formula locks in the conditioning oils, which aids in wood rejuvenation. Armstrong stain for fences helps with color retention, water repellency and wood conditioning.

Cedar has always been a popular choice for exterior wood siding on homes. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, wood rot and insect infestation making it a great choice. Some cedar siding is painted. In this case, the surface will have to be cleaned and repainted every so often. For homes that have more of a rustic, natural look with non-painted cedar siding maintenance consists of cleaning and recoating with wood stain. Although cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and rot it needs some extra protection to shield against years of prolonged exposure to the elements.

Armstrong Clark Deck Stain Near meWhether you are looking for a wood deck stain for pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood, or an exotic hardwood like IPE, Armstrong Clark has you covered. Both their regular wood stain and their hardwood stain have unique formulas that help to recondition wood fibers.

The exclusive blend of Armstrong Clark wood and deck stain uses nondrying oils that separate from the drying side of the formula to aid in wood conditioning. These special nondrying oils penetrate into the wood surface where the wood’s natural oils have diminished to rejuvenate the wood and add flexibility. At the same time, the drying oils stay on the surface to lock in the conditioning oils and to create a weather barrier against water and UV rays.

Armstrong Clark is a penetrating oil based stain that will soak deep into the wood grain offering protection from UV graying and water. The advantages to a penetrating deck stain is that they will not peel but rather fade over the years. The key though is proper prep before applying your AC especially if your wood is new.

New "smooth" wood should not be stained right away with Armstrong Clark. A few things need to happen first:

The most important step in any exterior wood restoration or maintenance project is to prep the surface properly prior to staining. Armstrong Clark Wood Stains are quality formulated wood coatings with five generations worth of experience that will give your deck lasting beauty and protection.

To ensure you get the expected results from any of the Armstrong Clark Oil Based Wood Stain products it is essential that the wood surface is cleaned and prepped prior to staining.

The exterior wood surface being refinished needs to be free of any dirt, grime, gray wood fibers, and any old deck stain or sealer. Even new wood needs to be cleaned to remove mill glaze and contaminants. For newer or grayed out wood we highly recommend using Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner. This two-step powder system is specially designed to clean and prepare wood for new stain.


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